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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

FeedFlare is here!

We at FeedBurner, and by we I mean the incredible engineering and design team, just released a new feature called FeedFlare. FeedFlare adds a whole new level of interactivity to feeds. Here is a screenshot of the pieces of flare you can add.

Just a quick note: you can click on any images in this post for a larger, more readable, image.

This development is very exciting. It ties feeds in with the rest of the web in a way they never were before making the feed a true part of the online community. I went ahead and added FeedFlare to both this feed and my podcast feed. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like in the VentureWeek feed.

From the screenshot you can see that you can now easily e-mail the post to a friend, tag the item in, see what tags others have used and view my creative commons license. The interactivity this will bring about should be amazing. So, start adding your FeedFlare today and remember that the minimum is just not enough. Be like Brian and add some flare to your feed!

In other news... EContent editors just named FeedBurner one of the Top 100 Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry. Check out this link for more info.

Lastly, we just announced a deal with Reuters, the world's largest international multimedia news agency. They selected us to deliver global news and advertising to its subscribers in the U.S., U.K. and Japan! This is great news and, being a former investment analyst, I am psyched that we now work with a service I used religiously for years.

Well, that is all my FeedBurner news for the day. Great things are happening and I want to thank all of our publishers big and small because, in the end of the day, you are what drives our success.


  • Look like an interesting program. Toner

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